Had been real busy.. so many things to do… so little time.. Cant exactly pin point what I have been busy with. It’s like I’m thrown in a whirl wind and trying to multi task so many things at one go. It came to a point where I kinda lost my memory and only able to do certain things upon timely recollection. Sounds bad? I think so too.

Hence I decided to take a mini break 2 days ago. Wanting to do nothing serious and just be with Ern. However when I’ m with her I think of so many things or places to bring her to and so I ended up busy the last few days and things got a little out of control when she woke up almost every 2-3 hours! Am suspecting another case of her pearly whites erupting again. Take for example now, Im posting this blog when the wise thing to do is SLEEP! But thing is at the back of my mind there are thousand and one things for me to do! Gotta contact so many people for the website, gotta choose pictures – baby pictures for my website. Speaking of which, if you have cute pictures of your little ones and dont mind me using them for the website PLEASE let me know! Have got a centre who is keen in working with me in the “ask the experts column” – a child psychologist! Am now hoping to get a PD and a GP involved as well. So if you think you have got some extra luck to spare, throw them at me okies?!

So what did we do last weekend? Sunday being Father’s day, had lunch with in-laws on saturday, then we (ee fann me and little ern) went to Jurong West for a swim. Well, not exactly swim its like a playground in water kinda thing. It’s a pity that photography isnt allowed (we are still wondering why) otherwise will definitely post it here. Highly recommended! We had a swell time there! And followed by dinner… at ???? gosh…. gotta update this when my memory is back. (see?? I told you it’s bad) And sunday… had planned to have lunch with my parents but something came up so it didnt happen. But I took Ern over to play with them, left in the afternoon and went out with ee fann… so we the three of us went to …. (will update this… gosh.. this is terrible)

Tomorrow will be a day to relax. Hiak Hiak Hiak! Will take ern to better toy store to get a pressie for this sunday’s baby shower. Ern will of course get herself another set of toys. : p Im so in love with better toy’s wooden toys! Today Ern just took me by surprise when she was “sorting shapes” she managed a circle in a breeze! But that was that! hahha hopefully she can sort more different shapes in time to come. Lately she is really into “masak masak” (pretend play using cooking untensils) Got her 1 tea set and some fruits for her to “chop” and a cooking set. She will play with them for 30 to 40 mins provided there are no other distractions – TV.

Hmm… what so I have to say since her walking?? It’s a bitter sweet symphony manz… I love it coz I no longer have to carry her when I use public toilets! and bitter coz she wants to walk most of the time and her wanting to walk is “timed very appropriately” I think she wants to test her dodging skills! And see who will bull doze her over first! Shopping with her used to be simple but now its a little … you know what I mean.. but in all honesty; I still love it.


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