17 months!

So she walks before she turns 18 months. In fact she walks the same time as me! Now every CNY(her b.day) and dragon boat festival (official day of walking) will be more meaningful to us. So far all these important events fall on a Chinese festival….. Just checked, the next one is Hungry Ghost festival! I wonder what she has installed for us?!

I think when she is approaching 18 months I will wish for time to just stop there for abit. Don’t want her to reach the notorious “terrible 2” just yet. I mean she is so fun right now (minus the not so fun part) and still pretty manageable as of now. I’m so in love with her that sometimes I will think to myself having one is enough! Hahaha but whom am I kidding? Years down the road I’m bound to regret not having more if I just had one! So we shall aim for either a rabbit baby or dragon baby. Speaking of dragon baby, when I shared with Victoria’s mum about having one during that year, the first thing she told me was “so competitive”!!! It didn’t occur to me that most people will “aim” for a dragon baby and hence trying to get placements in preschools and primary schools will be a nightmare! Mothers sure think ahead!! Hahahaha

On the day she turns 18 months, we will be taking a short trip up to KL because EF has a seminar to attend and so we decided to tag along. There will be one day that we will be alone by ourselves from 8am till 10pm. But i’m sure we will be alright. Good thing is we will be staying in a hotel that is connected to several shopping malls or is it just benneath us? Can’t remember… But it’s convenient so I’m all excited to take another flight with her. A short getaway is better than nothing. And I do need one mind you… Met so many stumbling blocks with my website and I can do with a break. But each and every stumbling blocks are a new lesson. They can be pretty discouraging at times but I ain’t gonna throw in the towel that easily; not without a real good fight. See you again K.L!!

2 thoughts on “17 months!

  1. hey babe, you can do it one! blocks just push away only… its the blocks that makes you stronger and the next time you just blow it away.

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