Jacob ballas children’s garden

This is one of the must visit place during a hot day. Living in Singapore makes it a must visit almost everyday.

Whenever we walk past those water play area (think bugis junction-outside BHS entrance, vivo city etc) ern yens to soak herself in the splashing water but I’m always caught unprepared for that moment. You will need towel, probably aqua diaper if I don’t want her to perform naked etc. And today the weather was extremely hot and since it’s supposed to be a relaxed day for me, so I packed the necessary items and went straight after visiting my parents. Being situated a mere 4 mins drive from my place was perfect! We reached there at 3.20pm and left at around 4pm. There’s no shower facility so ern was toweled dry and off we went and she’s clad only in a diaper. Seeing her enjoying herself so much made me feel so relaxed it’s almost as though I was the one playing with water. It’s a pity I didn’t have my phone with me… But will definitely be back again(and again) to take some shots as keepsakes!

It opens from 8am till 7pm (last admission is at 6.30pm) close on Mondays and don’t forget the sunscreen!!


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