Handmade with love

Yipee! My mum has agreed to sew a few pieces of dress for her precious grand daughter! My mum’s eyesight is not as good now due to old age hence the designs will be really simple but pretty nonetheless. Hmm…. I might just make some ribbons to sew onto the dresses though – that shall be my contribution. I placed my orders for some fabrics and am very excited about the whole idea of ern wearing handmade dresses.

I remember when I was a kid, ALL my apparels were sewn by mum. In fact even my bothers’ shirts, pants, shirts were all sewn by mum. It’s very heart warming thinking about it now. She must have put in tonnes of effort into making every single piece. (tonnes of love too) I remember having a really beautiful white and yellow dress with lots of detailing and intricate design. I must say she is very good at it. It seems to me there are lots of grandmas who can who can operate a sewing machine and sew some decent stuff. (all my aunts could) I wonder what’s happened to my generation? If only I have that kind of skill, I think I will be glued to the sewing machine churning out my “master piece of the day” everyday! Since young I love crafting stuff as I find it very therapeutic. I can just totally relax when i work on some stuff, listening to music as I totally immerse myself in it. When I was young (about 10 or 12 years old) i will stand next to some auntie watching and observing them making paper lanterns out of ang baos. After understanding all the steps I will then race home and start replicating them. Gosh that time I made so many and came up with so many other fanciful designs that I had to give them all away. Then came the fad of making beaded bracelets etc … You will spot me crafting away as long as it has to do with using my hands to make handmade stuff. Though i don’t quite agree, but my mum said I have a gift in handmade stuff. To me, it’s just something I enjoy doing. I even handmade our wedding invitation cards. : p eversince the birth of ern, the only handmade project I did was headbands, ribbons, hair clips.. I’m now toying with the idea of asking my mum to teach me all the ins and outs of sewing. From taking measurements to cutting of fabrics and sewing. I hope to learn as much as I can and make some for ern myself! Who knows… I might even decide to buy my very own sewing machine?! (very likely the case) This is getting exciting!


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