Unwelcomed attention??

We met up with E.F after ern’s shichida class and had claypot rice for lunch. This little restaurant specializes in claypot rice with quite a few varieties and even serve rendang chicken seperately with claypot rice. It’s a good place to enjoy quality claypot rice minus the hot and humid hawker environment. It’s situated next to red dot museum. Just walk along that stretch you won’t miss it.
EF had to rush back for monthly meeting so I took ern for our third movie at vivo city. This time it is “knight and day”.
Disclaimer: made this choice simply because it’s at 1.10pm and was a perfect timing more than anything else. But I do like Cameron Diaz : ) … Hmm … As for Tom Cruise.. He was kinda like a by-product. I dropped him from my top ten list when he chose Katie holmes over Nicole Kidman ; p ok ardent fans! Hold your horses!!! I changed my opinion after watching this show. He is a great actor in all honesty! (phew!!)
So you would have guessed by now “something happened” during the show?
Here goes…Initially when the gal behind ern (yup it’s pretty empty so I plop her in a seat) initiated “untimely connections” (c’mon it’s movie time for crying out loud!) with ern i took it as a nice gesture. But it got to me when it went for way too long. I couldn’t concentrate on the movie and next thing I knew, ern was air lifted from her seat onto her laps!!! Good thing ern didn’t appreciate it much a made a fuss and was promptly returned back to her seat. Nope, she just took her without asking. You think that’s bad? Read on. Just when we settled back; ern comfortably into her seat and me from the shock, she bent over and gave ern a kiss on her cheeks! And I didn’t mention her hands were all over her face! Goodness!! She reminded me of Hong Kongers! Aiyoh … I really can’t take it man … Took her to wash her face after the show. Ok am I being a little sensitive? Paranoid maybe??


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