A big gal soon

Tick, tick, tick… Sometimes time just whiz past way too fast. Looking at ern from afar reminds me to cherish what little time left before she turns into a real big girl. I’m quite sure when that day comes I will miss her when she was still a baby and yet I will at the same time enjoy conversations with her when she is older and who knows? She may be helping me with the younger one? : )

These days I can do so much more with her because she only naps once in the day – mid morning nap. Her current daily cycle:

0700 – 0800 hrs: wakes up
1030 – 1230 hrs: naps
1930 – 0700 hrs: sleeps
So from the time she wakes up till she sleeps we will do home practice and spends most of the day out. By the time we are home she will take either a bath or simply wipe down. Tugging her in bed is easy and fast since she is tired and when she turns in early, it’s absolutely ME time that’s when I watch TV, blog and do up my website. Speaking of which the layout will be ready soon pending the designer’s end and once it’s up, it’s time for real work! As for now i’m enjoying my every waking hours with her, thinking of where to bring her the following day before turning in. What should it be tomorrow? A walk in Botanical gdns? East coast beach? Changi airport? Zoo?(to “revise” on all the animals she has learnt so far?) farm tour? Back to marina barrage? hmm… Shall sleep on it tonight…


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