At 17 mths

Felt that she was really getting heavier so we took her weight and it’s 10.4kg. But she definitely feels way heavier than that. I suppose my arm muscles isn’t catching up with her weight. I used to be able to carry her in my arms for 3 hrs before I taking a break but these days i can’t do more than an hour. (not that she allows me to carry her all day too)

We went up to JB to look for my ex batch gal and family for dinner and ern had a swell time playing “hide and catch” with le le. We agreed that we should do it more often! It’s really a good feeling to know another tech crew who is a captain with no airs at all, friendly and makes his guests feels comfortable and at ease. Have met way too many who thinks that they own the plane.

Anyway i wanna make some kind of documentation of what ern has been up to in terms of home pratice; learning in general, for future reference.

At 17mths.

Home practice usually includes around 150 flashcards as per recommendation, photographic memory (2 sets); also known as chik chak, ESP games (fairly consistent), finger training exercises, pretend play, phonics (animals recognition)
Animals recognition: introducing one new animal everyday. Excluding what she already knew such as dog, cat(she says “meow”), bear, bird, panda, she now knows aligator, peacock, elephant, snake, lion, buffalo. When all 26 alphabets are done, the following theme shall be next:
Plant parts
Body parts


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