Busy month

And I’m very certain that the following months will be just as busy if not busier!
The mock up of my website isn’t ready yet and that gave me time to get my mum’s website up. I guess setting up her website is the easiest amongst so many other things! From sourcing of fabrics, designs, buttons (snap buttons, fabric buttons), ribbons, laces aiyoh and all the works! And all these kept me awake at night as I kept on churning out so many ideas! Gosh, i think I better stick to dresses first before venturing into binky leashes, bibs, baby shoes etc.. Keeping in mind that once my website is up I won’t have much time at my disposal anymore.. I’m so excited! I’m more excited for my mum’s site than my own! Hahaha probably I’ve always have an affinity with handmade stuff?! As for the entrepreneur spirit, i must have inherited it from my dad. So my guess is .. ern will probably be her own boss in future and if that’s the case, we will give all the support she needs. Hip hip hooray!! (I think I’m all high and groggy now largely due to the intoxication of ideas and the lack of sleep) tomorrow… Tomorrow… I love ya! Tomorrow.. You are only a day away…


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