Garden festival

There’s a saying “the busiest man makes the most time” I totally subscribe to it. There are basically 2 classes of people. (base on my years of observation) One that starts work real early and really puts in the man hours; ends work late but always in time for meetings, appointments, exercises, family time etc.. And the other is one that always complain no time for this and no time for that, starts work late, ends work early and always late for meetings (that’s if they even turn up at all) of course the former will always be a winner, a decisive person and the latter; a loser and procrastinator.

I used to have a busy lifestyle and every minute (I kid you not) is carefully planned and calculated. Those were the days life has a meaning, a purpose, a direction and it felt so fulfilling. I shun away from people who are always giving excuses, complaining and negative. I guess I’m pretty reticent back then but most will think I’m aloof. I don’t really give a hoot what they thought of me then because my principle was “I’m paid to listen to my clients and not to my colleagues rant about his dogs and cats” and of course to steer clear of office politics. basically I enjoy the feeling of being useful.

I haven’t felt this useful since ern came to my life. However there is no way am I going back to that “life before ern”. I’ve enjoyed that before but now Im enjoying my new “life with ern”. But since the handling of 2 concurrent projects, I suddenly felt “pretty useful” again. Busy it may seems but I don’t have to sacrifice my time with ern and at the same time, given the nature of the projects, I can “work” as and when I’m available. If I were to sum it all up with one word, it’s “happiness”.

So what did I manage to do with ern amidst the tight schedule? 2 days ago ern work up real early – 6am. Took her for breakfast at botanical garden and followed by a walk in the park. She, as usual, was calling out for “dogs” “birds” when she spots them. And then she decides to join the elderly for their morning exercise. She is getting really cheeky these days! (pictures will follow in a bit) today there’s a garden festival in suntec and since ern is particularly interested in flowers, we went as soon as she had her lunch.

The set up was beautiful! Enchanting to certain degree. There’s even a rain forest that you can enter.(we had to queue for that) it’s pretty tricky to manoeuvre in the rain forest with it’s rocky and slippery terrains. So better let the man take the kiddo! Ern saw snakes in there (fake one of course) and calls out “nake” “nake”. The rest of the time was mostly spent on keeping an eye on lil ern as she explores from one flower to another.(sounds like a bee! Collecting nectar from one flower to another) It is really cute when she points and says “flower” but it’s not so cute when she is oblivious to the human traffic!! (it’s a Saturday) we thought nobody will go to a garden festival and on top of that most roads leading to suntec are closed for NDP rehearsal but we really miscalculated that part. Seems that there are people with green thumbs! Or are they just like us with only the intention to “look see”?anyways, entrance fees during weekends are $12 per adult, $8 for weekdays and kiddos below 0.8m goes in for free. I will be back next week : )

This is ern doing her morning exercise.

Feeling the texture

Oh I forgot to mention one of her “cutest deeds” she did in the flower festival. This lil imp won’t just go home without getting her “souvenir”. She plucked out some small flowers and tried hard I mean real hard to “stick” them back again! I was laughing my lungs out that I forgot to take a video. (this thing about taking it during “that moment” … Urrrgh!) Ok so one day ern will learn in school that flowers are also a LIVING THING! ; )


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