My little volcano

It happened since last week. I realized that ern has been throwing tantrums so very often. Especially when she don’t get what she wants. I didn’t think much of it initially but it got to a stage where I’m not sure if I want to take her out. She will scream and arch her back etc …

Is this the beginning of the “terrible two”?! It’s pretty difficult at times really. Then I did some research on her behaviour and am glad that it’s normal. They have reached a stage where their mental and motor skills have far surpassed their communication skills. To me this is quite challenging – to stay in control (sane) when she is out of control.

Yesterday she threw a tantrum when she doesn’t get to stay and pat the dogs. I took her to our room, lay her on the floor and walked away. (i needed time out for myself too!) so I decided not to pay her any attention at all and helped myself to some snacks. Surprisingly she stopped her wailing and sat up and just looked at me. So I asked her “do you want some? If so, come here and sit with me.” and after she sat down (so quietly) I told her “mummy loves you a lot and you know that. But mummy don’t like what you just did”.

And today, she kicked up a fuss again when I took her away from her waterplay at marina square. The water isn’t meant for playing to begin with. Anyway, I took her to a quiet corner immediately and stood her on the floor. I just stayed close by (next to her) and it ended within seconds when she wrapped her arms round my legs. I hugged her tight and told her “mummy knows you are angry that you don’t get to play with water. But mummy loves you.” I certainly hope I’m doing the right thing as I’m getting everyone else to be on the same page as me. I still do not believe and will not resort to (god forbids) beating yet. This is my way of disciplining my kiddo for now. Am hoping that she will learn that she can’t always get anything she wants and that tantrums DO NOT work on me.


3 thoughts on “My little volcano

  1. babe, omg, cleo and ern’s behavior is the same lah… she does that with me too… shouting if she doesn’t get her stuffs etc.. arch her back if I try to carry her, she’s angry that’s y she behaving this way! gosh! sometimes, I am just too angry that I will just walked away without scolding her too! I don’t want to be scolding her always and well, she become worst if I does that, so I decides to leave her alone!

    hey and after her tantrums, i will try explaining to her the don’ts? hope she understands lah, urghhh…
    they know we love them, maybe that’s y taking advantage ya? haha…

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