We are back.

Ok and we are going again in end september. Hahaha.. To me a little getaway is always very welcomed.

This trip we stayed at Picolo hotel and the all the shopping malls are within walking distances. 5 mins walk. During our stay we noticed lots of Arabs staying in the same hotel. By the way we call them (the ladies) – ninjas as they are all wrapped up all the time. I sometimes wonder how on earth did they manage the hot weather? Anyway, I noticed that they will check into the hotel in their usual attire and soon after I will see them at the lobby all dressed up. (without the men with them. Those with their husbands will still be in their usual attire) and I managed to take a look at their features for the first time. Their eyes… Oh my… They are so beautiful. It’s those deep set eyes, somewhat green eyes, long bushy eye lashes and the perfectly trimmed eyebrows – icing on the cake. I swear those eyes “talks” to you.

What would you expect to do in KL? Eat. Lots of local food which taste so much better than Singapore. Shopping… Didn’t do much shopping as their stuff didn’t really suit my taste. Bought lots of stuff for ern. (what’s new?!) as ee fann had a seminar to attend on the second day, I had ern all to myself and took a cab to KL CC. Frankly, It was quite a disappointment. Nothing much there. The shopping mall is a mere 5 storey high and you see all the big labels on the ground floor and the rest of the shops are pretty much what you will see in suntec? But suntec is way better. We left in an hour, went back to hotel and ern managed to catch her 2 hours nap before exploring again. Had wanted to check out their fabric. Wholesale centre but didn’t do so as I wouldn’t wanna be caught in the traffic jam; the timing just isn’t right. Will definitely do so the next trip. It will be really fantastic if I can get my hands on some linen for ern. ; )

Can’t believe that I’m feeling the hunger pangs now as I’m thinking of the food in KL. They are too good to be true.

This is the first time she has a seat all to herself! She is checking it out..

While getting our transport, she waits patiently in the cart.

Our room at htl picolo! See what the lil one is up to..

Her daily breakfast

She’s into kiddy rides these days

Her favourite activity while waiting for our food. A jap restaurant in pavillion shopping mall. The day is spent without ee fann.

Walking around with her new bag. She loves it! Might “scold” you if you attempt to take it off.

Checking out.. Still with her bag and taking her balloon with her

Sharing food with pa pa

Yam snow ice! After having this, ice kachang will soon be a distant memory..

In one of the many restaurants in the airport… We choose “satay club” food sucks big time!! The only saving grace is to ern, the view is good.


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