It’s up!

Ok it’s finally up!! The mock up for my web is up and it means gotta work on it asap and as for my mum’s web it’s up as well! though we only have 5 dresses to showcase but I’m sure many more will be coming soon! The wonderful seamstress is at work everyday and she is very particular about quality of fabric, design, practicality and workmanship. Gosh… Never knew my mum could be such a perfectionist. I really get to see a different side of her when she does something she is so passionate about. That makes me wonder what took us so looooooong to realise that she should start her own shop too?!?!
So today I was at my mum’s again and this time busy making fabric covered buttons! Had a fantastic time working on it! It looked really great on the dresses too. The problem today was ern. My mum and I were busy making stuff and my dad had to entertain ern. Men being men they can’t do it whole day and ern wanted my attention like every 15mins! Aiyoh… Tsk tsk tsk.. In the end I taught my dad to make fabric buttons instead! It’s really easy and my dad got it immediately. It’s truely a wonderful sight – looking at my parents working together and my mum laughing at my dad all the time for all his silly ideas. When my dad was cutting the fabric for the buttons, i was moved almost to tears.

He used his left hand to cut the fabric.

Not easy for him but he did it slow and steadily. Dad’s dominant hand had always been his right. But one fateful incident at his previous job caused him to lose 2 fingers on his right. Soon after his discharge from the hospital I swear I saw him using his left for everything. Chopsticks, pen… He used to be able to catch a fly with his right hand using chopsticks! I wonder if he still can with his left… Hmmph…

Anyway that incident taught me true meaning of resilience and humour. It was also due to that incident I decided that was the last straw and I left flying. I still remember it was a london – Singapore flight. After immigration in the airport, I switched on my phone and saw a message from my younger brother telling me dad is in CGH and to meet them there. My heart was racing and couldn’t fight back my tears. My IFS (inflight supervisor) of that flight saw me tearing and trembling and asked what was wrong. I looked at him and cried “my dad is in hospital” he told me “go! Just go!” and I did. (come to think of it, i forgot to thank him) I RAN IN MY UNIFORM(definitely a no no as we had to uphold the company’s image whenever we are in uniform. But hack! Who will consider the company’s image when one is on the verge of a breakdown?!) took a cab to the hospital immediately. Journey to the hospital is the worst! My mind was all filled with horrible thoughts. I needed to snap out of it and get it controlled so I had to call someone. And the person whom I called wasnt my then boyfriend. I realised that when you are emotionally unstable and hitting rock bottom, the person whom you call for support will be the one you think you can rely on. Maybe for that reason my then boyfriend became an “ex”.

It was SARS period then and they forbid me visiting as they limit the maximum of 2 visitors at any one time. I begged them (in my uniform) crying and all the drama and they finally let me in.

When I saw my dad… I was so relieved to see him smiling. I still remember that smiling face. And my cheeky dad making fun at the nurse when she was trying to put on his information tag on his wrist. She was fumbling with it and can’t do it right and my dad still joked with her “nurse I think plastic ones cannot make it. You have gold ones?” I tell you… At that moment I really stopped crying and started laughing! So I decided that I can’t take another heart attack like this. I want to be here for my family. So I left the airline. ; )

Ok wait. I digressed. My mum’s website is princesse collections

do visit us when you are free! and please help us spread the word… many tks!!


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