At 18 months

Aiyoh so lil princess isn’t so lil anymore?! So that’s what she thinks. Hahaha she thinks she is a big girl now! Wanting to wear my shoes, carry a bag pack when she goes out with me.. Pointing to all other babies and calls out “baby” not realising that she herself is also one of them. But baby, you will always be mummy’s baby.

Though she isn’t constructing sentences yet, but I’m pretty happy with her “progress” so far. Am now thinking of getting her a potty. Those that can also be attached to our toilet seats. No not that she is ready yet.. (or rather I’m not ready) I just want her to get “acquainted” with her new seat.. A “hole” new seat. Hahaha.. And I also do intend to start training her for self feeding. Ophelia! You there?!

So if you have any tips on these topics, please share with moi!


2 thoughts on “At 18 months

  1. Babe!!!

    Where got tips lor, the self feeding was unintentional! Haha… he just wanted to feed himself, going on hunger strikes when he doesn’t get to feed himself. SO fed up me, just let him have the utensils lo. The fork was easy ya, then came the spoon, which he uses like the fork at first, turning the food upside down ALL the time… After a few times of guiding, he finally got it right! So now he can use both the fork and spoon together-like us, still messy at times… But aren’t they all messy little buggers haha…

    Well I guess its always right what they say, “Practice makes perfect!” and I am very sure little Ern will get it very quickly!

    • Yeah!! Ern still turns the food upside down when she use a spoon… Hmm… And she not very pro with scooping the food with spoon too! This calls for more intense training! Hahaha tks will practice practice practise!

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