Flu bug pls go away…

She hasn’t been sick for a while… So am now nursing a child with runny nose … And I think I got the bug from her. Guess we will have to skip class tomorrow!

National day just went by and we just lazed around at home basically doing nothing much. One thing I had always wanted to do during national day is to be there at the parade to really soak in the atmosphere. I think ern will definitely enjoy herself! I mean she is already dancing away during the parade on TV so we should expect more action from her if we were there! However, thinking about the traffic after the parade became a major pull factor to reconsider and on top of that it’s not easy to get the tickets! So while ern was dancing away ee fann told ern “ok ern don’t worry you will get a chance to go to the parade when you are in primary 5.” Primary 5?!?? Hahaha I am not gonna wait till then.

Time really flies. This is already the second parade I watched with her. And I can almost smell christmas! My wish this Christmas is to have my very own Christmas tree. It’s a simple wish isn’t it ? : )
If I do get my own tree, I will decorate it with our family pictures. Will get ern to help me make some other stuff and to hang them all up! Hahaha just this mere thought makes me so looking forward to it.

Here’s some of the pictures that i took at ern’s favourite place. Botanical gdns. We paid $5 for orchid gdn as well! Here is where she chase the birds, dogs, butterflies and smell flowers : )

These are taken at east coast park when ee fann went for his morning jog there and we drove to KFC for breakfast after that.

These are some random shots I took when she is out lunching with me


One thought on “Flu bug pls go away…

  1. Guess what, hot mama, i’m thinking of Christmas too! It’s my favorite time of the year!!! And I’m so going to get my annual live christmas tree… Oooh the smell of fresh pine!

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