This word “grateful” is pretty difficult to grasp at times or most of the time rather. Took me at least 18 years to begin to understand the true meaning of the word. Till today I’m still doing my best to remind myself. Funny, whenever I wanna start counting my blessings the images of people living in slumps in India kept flashing in my mind. No joke! They sleep with their cows, kids as young as lil ern starts learning how to find “treasure” in the rubbish dump which is easily 3 storey high. Sanitation? Whats that?! They do it everywhere. I doubt they even have crystal clear drinking water. These images comes in hues of grey and light tones of brown – the colour of dirt. Ok I better not go on any further least to dampen anyone’s mood. But I truely hope to bring ern there one day to let her see how blessed she is from day 1. But first Ive gotta muster my courage to go back there again.

I have been busy these days with all the website stuff and my mum’s orders have been streaming in and am truely grateful for all my friends out there, being so supportive! But seeing my mum back at work after so many years of being a housewife, truely gave me a sense of happiness. I can see that she is happy to be doing what she is doing now. A sense of self worth and satisfaction – now that’s truely something that money can’t buy.

Once my mum’s business takes off I will have to get back to what I’ve been stalling for some time. Targetting to launch this year end.

So what am I grateful for? It’s the same as everyone else! Good husband, great friends, cuddly lil ern, fantastic family! And dogs that loves us! Life’s great isn’t it?


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