Aiyoh big headache

Have been dropping ern at my mums and meeting my web designer to learn how to maintain my website. It looks easy… But when I’m at it by myself, it was a total blurr! It’s NOT easy! It feels like going back to my poly days trying to learn how to calculate the share price and studying the graph, which was nearly impossible for me to comprehend initially but after you pass the god damn paper and when you look at it a year later, you tell yourself “where the hell was my god damn brain then?!” So I think it’s a matter of time before I can say “it’s a piece of cake”! Hahaha… (and I wonder when that day will come…)

Just when I think the learning curve of maintaining the website is pretty steep, gathering the rest of the materials I need is even … Hahaha let me just call this whole entire affair “addictively challenging”. period.

Ern must have been wondering what has mummy been up to these days. So to make it up to her, I’m taking her to one of her favourite hang out place this Sunday for picnic along with the rest of her friends. I’m sure she is gonna love it! The only thing I’m not so sure of is whether she will remain happy and contented by the mere company of her friends or will she rather be chasing after dogs, birds and the occasional butterflies? We shall wait and see.


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