Blessing in disguise??

Just before leaving house to meet ee fann at TCC for breakfast; I threw away her pacifier as it was way too old and broken. Weaning her off wasn’t the intention. I wanted to replace a new one.

As I was driving, she asked for her pacifier:”ba ball (that’s how she identifies it) please” So I offered her a new one. But just one look at it she shakes her head “bu Yao (don’t want in mandarin). Initially I thought she didn’t mean it so when I had the chance to stop the car, I tried to put it in her mouth but she pulled it away and threw it aside saying “bu Yao! bu Yao! Bu Yao!”
When I finally reached international building, i went to get another one hoping to get an identical one but couldn’t. Ok if you don’t have a child who needs pacifier to sleep you wouldn’t (at this point) understand the shit I’m in. After some time I concluded that it isn’t the colour nor the brand. She just wants the old one!

So I told ee fann I’m in trouble and no shopping after breakfast. We are heading home to deal with the impending storm – which lasted for slightly more than an hour. Thankfully I’m still breastfeeding and so she suckled the human grade pacifier to sleep! When she is asleep she is willingly to take the new pacifier. When she woke up from her nap 2 hours later, I pulled out the pacifier from her mouth and told her “see? This isn’t that bad afterall right”? When she saw it, she immediately twitched her brows and gave me the super confused look and that nearly made me fell off the bed laughing!

When it was bed time she again asked for pacifier but the moment she saw the new one she said “bu Yao” and stopped asking for it altogether. She tried real hard to sleep without it but in the end still needed a wee bit of help from the breast. So is she weaned from her pacifier? Not quite… Will just have to wait and see.

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