Im so excited

Shoo! Shoo! Excuse me… Gotta clean up the cob web before I start…

The government came up with new property ruling which forbids us to own a HDB unless we sell away our private… Which means we will have to change our plans.. We are looking into getting another private once the “price is right”. As of now we will be renting a place. And after viewing 2 units we have settled for the one at bukit panjang! Never stayed in the North before! It’s a 5 room HDB which is right next to bukit panjang plaza! In fact one can probably “hop over”. The place is spacious (a very important factor) and really neat. Fully furnished. The owner is just like us, witn a daughter (2 yrs old) and a maid. It was love at first sight and we agreed on the price etc etc etc on the day we set eyes on it.

The only thing is we can move in only in mid December and I’m not too sure if I can set up my Christmas tree in time… But thinking about all the things I can do gets me all so excited! There will be a room solely dedicated for ern to play, another room for the study.. All over the place you will spot educational materials; each item strategically placed. Cooking, cooking and more cooking! Hiak! Hiak! Hiak! Oh… I’m sooooo gonna get a “tentage” for lil ern’s secret hide out cum cozy corner. Just picture reading a book at night with a torch in it. Woooo… I can hardly breath now. Hahaha..

When the weather is fine we will hop over to the nearby swimming complex which has those playground in the water type….

Finally… My own space(albeit temporary) to rest my space hungry soul…

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