I can smell christmas…

Have always loved Christmas. Love the Christmas carols, the happy kind of vibrations that’s always in the air. The anticipation of Christmas eve is so exciting!

Today happened to be Children’s day, ern’s 2nd at that. We didn’t do anything special as we felt that it’s children’s day everyday. Hmm… I took her for her overdued MMR vaccine! (what a “special gift”) and had lunch together with ee fann, walked around the shopping centre whilst ern sleeps in my trusty beco carrier. Drove to my mum’s thereafter. Speaking of beco carrier I remember telling ee fann that it may actually be as important as our passports! I can’t travel without it. We are planning a trip to japan next year and I reckon it will be either march or April. My in laws will join us in Disneyland for a day or 2 and we will then go our seperate ways. (you won’t wanna travel with my FIL. Period)

My lil ern has been rather fussy with food these days. She wants to self feed and will get herself (and me) so upset when she don’t get to do it. And she will insist in having whatever food that she sees whole. That means absolutely no cutting for her at all. Hamburger, sandwiches, sausages, egg, bun and the lists goes on… There really isn’t much We can do about it so we just have to let her have her food and eat her leftovers… As long as she don’t kick up a big fuss – we are okay with that for now.

Okay the reason why I said Christmas is near is because I saw Daiso selling Christmas decor!! It really got me excited! It’s doubly exciting this year because this year’s Christmas marks another chapter of our lives… I do hope to be able to get the Christmas tree done up by 23rd. It’s gonna be a mad rush but definitely an enjoyable one. Happy children’s day too all!!!


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