It’s time to give back

Im not sure if I am joining the blogtoberfest since its my 2nd post in day 2. Will just post if I can spare the effort.

In the previous post I wrote about not having any special gift for ern right? Ok I take back what I’ve said coz ee fann came home with an Ipad for her. I seriously think that “lucky baby” is totally understated. Hey my brothers only get to play with their very own nintendo set when they were… 14??!! She is barely 2…

Ok so it’s really a time to give back..

And it so happens that Victoria’s mummy came up with a similar giving back idea for their birthdays even before I proposed mine. I guess great minds think alike. (and not forgetting kenny’s idea of adopting a kid.. we have recently “adopted” one in ern’s name)

My idea:

31st October which is Halloween, there will be a charity event at Hort Park specially organised by a blogging mummy for the children’s cancer society. There will be about 30 children there and I really wanna contribute something and hence have decided to make lots of foam flowers for ern and her friends to distribute to anyone there as they “do their rounds”. I really hope ern to see the importance of giving back to the society since young. It doesnt always have to be monetary wise. It really can be anything as long as at the end of the day you touch your heart and know that what you have done is sincere and makes people around you happy.  So if you have the time, bring your kids there to join the fun! (the children there will be happy to know that they can play just like the rest of the other kids)

Victoria’s mummy:

V’s mummy suggested that we do not hold any celebration for their birthdays and instead head down to one of the homes (old folks etc) and let the children do something to make the people there happy. and I thought it was a splendid idea! Maybe we can again make something and get them to distribute to the people there? foam flowers? hahahha… will sleep on it tonight.


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