She definitely got that genes from me

This must be the first ever Sunday that I didn’t take ern out at all. Hmm… Ok we did went out for breakfast.

I have been craving for a decent plate of carbonara but didn’t wanna go out and the thought of having a sub standard pasta turns my nose up. so I did some research and decided to try making it for lunch. It was great I must say! I think my BIL is always very supportive whenever I’m in the kitchen. Always giving his thumbs up for all the dishes he samples.
Me: “hunky (that’s what I calls him) are you willing to be my guinea pig for tomorrow’s xxx dish?”
BIL: “shanny (that’s what he calls me) I will be whatever pig you want me to be”. Hahaha sweet right?!

Ok so if it’s gonna happen, (Christmas eve party at my new place) carbonara will be in the dinner menu. Am still thinking of the starter, sides, dessert etc..

Ern played with some flour, colourings for her “craft hours” after she woke up from her nap, and did her mandatory checks on her favourite dog – Milo. She has since grown very attached to Milo and the great thing about my rescued dog is that she is always so calm around ern. I got her when she was 3 months old she was really cute then. Now she is so fat!! But still as loving : ) I totally believe in giving these strays a new lease in life. They will give back so much more than we can give if only we grant them the only thing they ever need. Chance.

When I was in primary 4. I developed a very strong emotional attachment to animals especially dogs. Ask my family.. Anyone of them can attest to it. During that age I simply cannot stand the sight of stray dogs being lonely. And interestingly I always spot them during my walk home from school.(the law of attraction. You better believe it) whenever “target” is spotted, the whole drill repeats itself. I will throw my school bag aside and chase after “the target” I’m like a missile. Totally unshakable. I will challenge my target to a game of tolerance and I’m always the winner of course. The poor dog has no idea why it is being chased and had no other option but to stop after running down countless streets and several stairs. After I regained my composure I will approach it real slow.. Sit next to the dog for a while before patting it gently and stroking it’s body.(no one taught me the approach. I guess I just had it in me and was lucky that I had never been bitten) Next I will just carry it all the way back home. Feed the dog and let it rest. Ok I did this SEVEN TIMES. Almost all the dogs were returned to rightful owners (leaving me in tears all the time) and one died the next day (I think it’s already on the verge of death when I took her home) So after the seventh dog my folks threw in the towel and got me my very own dog. A mixed breed called Jessie ; )

I can see that ern got her dog fanatic genes from me! Hahaha… Let’s see when she will bring back her first dog..


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