3rd term in Shichida

Has always been wondering why hasn’t teacher nana assigned homework for ern and finally the homework is here! I think it’s more of homework to mummy then to ern!

Third term and ern is enjoying her every single class. I usually asks ern the night before if she wants to go shichida tomorrow and she always answers with a super enthusiastic “Yao”!!! (yes in mandarin)

2 weeks ago was a term break and all the shichida mummies met up with the kids in toll at east coast – polliwogs. Hasn’t been there for at least a year, nothing much has changed but ern loves it. The last time she was there she couldn’t walk yet so this time with her new found freedom she was exploring so much faster!

After a long while all of us including the kids took a break… Then…. All of them took out their porridge and started feeding their kids while I just looked around, spotted a banana and just gave it to ern. Then I got all the stares from them.. I think they are shocked that I didn’t prepare any for ern. But I just explained casually “oh she eats with me later during lunch”. She I’m the odd one out!!! I guess I’m more relaxed about her meals these days and still live by the rule – I decides what she eats and she decides the amount. I figured that there’s no point getting upset at her occasional hunger strikes don’t you agree? One if the mummies did comment that she hopes to be as relaxed as me but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Her son is still having pureed porridge at almost 24 months . Ok it’s just really different styles of parenting.

So over at shichida, she enjoys all the activities especially the dancing part. Whenever it’s time for songs (there will be at 3 songs) she will stand on her chair and sway to the music. Till now she is still the only one swaying to the music and I’m so proud of her being so receptive to whatever that’s going on. Way to go ern!!

Looking forward to many more terms in shichida!

Her homework:


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