Boring weekend

There is absolutely nothing you can do will a sick and hence a super duper clingy child. She is still not eating and milk intake is low as well…. : (

We made a quick trip to jurong point hoping to find a variety of food for her but it’s all in vain with her “bu Yao” at everything we can offer. Her nights (and mine) are interupted by her coughs. Haven’t been sleeping well since Friday…..

Anyway… Went to pick up a brochure on Amore and will start the regime after we move which means I can start next year! There will be major changes to our daily routine with the birth of ern’s cousin and our shifting house so proper planning must be done. I was once their member during my flying days and I love their program to bits. Can’t wait to be fit again!!!!!

Last week I went to get my hair washed and the shampoo girl commented that I don’t look like a mother as my “skin don’t look tired”. I am glad to hear such a compliment!! It’s all thanks to the products that i’m currently using – Mary Kay! After a year of excuses of not having time for maintenance (facial) I have finally found my solution and kissed my dry, dull and boring skin goodbye. These days you can easily spot me baring my face when I go out. Ok maybe just a little touch up on the brows and that’s it. It’s confidence I say! The late founder – Mary Kay Ash. Read her book Many years ago and wished I could get my hands on her products but during that time it’s not in Singapore yet so when Florinda told me about it (her being a consultant) i was so excited!! So people, if you were once like me, using lots of high end products but still isn’t getting the desired results, please contact Florinda at her blog Mary Kay – Florinda Tay cheers!!


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