My new toy – laminating machine

Had a small gathering at my place last Sunday and im was in charge of the menu! Shiok shiok!! We had smoked salmon roll, roast chicken, beef stew and carbonara pasta. Started cooking at around 3pm ( gotta roast the chicken for 1.5hrs and stew the beef for 3hrs) so by the time everyone arrived it’s time to dig in! Perfect timing. I’m very pleased that all of them had a great time during dinner and without my knowing, they had secretly asked ee fann permssion to have me fix their next dinner for the coming Christmas. I’m all for it! Date has been fixed on boxing day and I’m already contemplating the menu… Hiak hiak hiak hiak..

Ok my laminating machine. Went to get it since I guess I will be needing it so very often to make ern’s home practice materials and true enough, since that day I made quite a bit of materials and ern wakes up to new materials every morning. I place them at a “home practice board” that I made her and she will walk over to the board saying “oh?” and fiddle with it. By the way if you go to a bookstore for lamination, it will costs you $1 per piece. The pouch I got for lamination costs less than $0.20 per piece and the machine is about $100. Long term it’s definitely worth the while.

Since we are on the topic of home practice materials let’s see what I’ve made of late… Hmmm… Several Pictures of 3 different sizes – big, medium and small, titles of different fruits and vegetables together with the corresponding pictures, different shapes and matching puzzles, 4 toilet rolls as pins (I stick lion’s picture in front so that ern has a “real target” to aim) and using a ball to knock them down. Ern shouts “goal” each time she kicks the ball towards the pins! A couple of A3 size pictures for her photographic memory practice, a couple of pictures for “hand reading”…. I think soon enough we will be able to have a mini shichida class at home.

Anyway to make it even more exciting, leona, Alicia and I have made a commitment to exchange(share) materials every month end and our first exchange will be this November. This kind of commitment is something that I couldn’t get at ern’s shichida class as I think some of them don’t do it? And Leona admits that in Ryan’s class the parents hardly talk … So finally we can have committed people to come together! I can’t wait!

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