My super early bird

For the past mornings she has been waking up at 6am.. And this morning, it was 5am… Yawnz… Let’s see if it’s gonna be any earlier tomorrow morning..

Finally mustered some courage with the weighing machine.. And so the dieting regime shall commence tomorrow. Will still eat as per normal (amount) but will be choosing what to eat with a little more caution.

Ern is a couple of days short of turning 21 months and I think kids at this age learn things at tremendous speed. I’m really happy to be able to teach her things at home and in fact everywhere but these days I made quite abit of educational materials so my teaching will mainly be at home for now but oh my… At the rate she’s going I’m running out of materials real soon. But of course doing all these gives me a superb sense of achievement and even more so when I know ern enjoys her learning process.

So what exactly have we been up to… Let me try to recall..

Body parts in Chinese! This is so gratifying I tell you.. Though not as many as English but she knows eyes, legs, ears, mouth, tongue and nose. (will work on more soon) and in english she knows forehead, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, cheeks, nose, neck, shoulders, armpit, elbow, bum bum, hands, fingers, leg, feet, toes, knees, shin, belly button and …..

Simple shapes, circle, triangle, star (her favourite) and square. Will introduce more soon.

Just started colours with her. And this morning was red, purple and green! ( she pronounce as “geen”)

Animals, (some in Chinese) she knows alot and pretty good at it I must say. I think she loves animals! Speaking of which I think it’s time to get her her very own zoo pass soon.. (friends of the zoo)

Some fruits and vegetables in Chinese! As you can see, i’m really trying to get Mandarin language in her system. Hahaha! When she was born we spoke to her mostly in mandarin but as time went by… Dunno what happened we switched to Chanel 5. I read from somewhere that the window period for language or languages is till 2 years old and for brain development (at it’s optimum) is till 6 years old. For ern I think she is doing okay : ) though sometimes she does gets a little confused! So since her bibinogs class I will revise what has been taught at home with her (I do my best la) and I will ask her teachers how to pronounce certain objects, body parts etc… I didn’t know that lantern is pronounced as deng (1) long (Qing sheng) I would have pronounced as deng (1) long (2) hahaha I’m learning together with her too and thats the fun part of it.

There are games too.. Today she “exprienced” the four seasons in 20mins! Hahaha showed her a picture of spring and took her to “plant” flowers on the board and she sticked 2 bees on the flowers. For summer, showed her a picture of the bright sun with lots of sun flowers and she “applied” sun block lotion. For autumn, she picked up the red autumn leaves that has “fallen”. For winter, she played with “snow” (cotton balls) this is definitely her favourite season!

She did ESP games as well and today was the first time ee fann witnessed it. Ee fann says “it’s magic!” basically this is what ern does all the time in class and I don’t usually practice it with her at home coz I wasn’t inspired to make the materials for her. But since the machine came… I’m soooo motivated. Hahaha basically I print out a big picture of a seashell, 2 copies of it, pasted it on a hard cardboad and sticked them together back facing each other. Just stick the sides coz you don’t wanna seal it entirely. Then I printed some copies of octopus and a dolphin, slipped either one in and asked her to guess what’s inside the seashell. She took a look at the 2 options and pointed to one of them confidently and she was right. (she is pretty good at this) ee fann wanted to see more so I passed him more materials and ern aced them all. Not bad eh? Kekeke.

Hmm… There are also “photographic memory” games. There are 2 versions and we usually do all 2 as ern always ask for “MORE!”
First version:
Prepare 2 very similar pictures. Flash one of them for 3 seconds, then show her the 2 pictures and ask her which was flashed to her.
Second version:
Example: flash a picture of 3 balls for 3 seconds, Then give her a blank laminated card and the same 3 balls and ask her to place them back at the same positions. (Velcro)

And pretend play games… The mandatory flashcards and math dots program. She absolutely loves this too. Hahaha kids at this age loves to learn! And I’m a proud mummy to one!


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