No TV day

It was inintentional. But this TV issue has been at the back of my mind all these while. Wasn’t for the idea that ern watches TV like all the time but I haven’t any clue (then) what else to do with her.

So this morning we started our day at 7am, did our cards and all.. Then introduced some new materials to ern, that took about 45mins, then ern went to see the folks, and it was breakfast thereafter. Let me digress a little. Ern self feeds at home all the time and she insists that we don’t touch her food at all and just let her do it. So meals at home usually takes very long! Hahaha but I’m not complaining, she eats hers and I enjoy mine. Read some books and Then I turned on the radio!! It has been ages since I listened to the radio! My kind of music. I turned up the volume and she started dancing away ever so happily. I joined her with my silly dance and she couldn’t stop laughing. Soon it was time for her nap and so I thought “hey we did it without the TV”?!

Had her lunch at home, took a while with her trying to perfect her “fine dinning” skills while I get myself ready to go out. (a perfect arrangement don’t you think?) Went to Liang court to meet ee fann and while waiting, ern did some arts and craft thingy at level 2. Damn kewl la that place. Can do ad hoc kind of stuff… Somehow I still refuse to join the membership at Royce Gym mainly because I feel that ern has memberships all over Singapore and we hardly bring her to all those places. I’m more of an outdoor mummy.. A walk in the park, stroll along the beaches, play with our dogs at the lawn, waterplay .. (you get the picture) maybe one day I will succumb to Royce since I frequent that area… We shall see… But for now I’m sticking to my guns!

Settled our dinner outside and headed home, washed and changed her and before you knew it; it’s time for ern to sleep. (at 7.30am. Don’t envy me, she wakes up at 7am and occasionally 5 it 6am)

I am really considering making one of the weekdays a “TV FREE DAY”. Good idea? Join me then! At least I know I’m not alone… Hahaha


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