Its time.

I do have tonnes of things to update but will just have to pen down some recent and more exciting ones first!

First of all, I am now an independant beauty consultant just like Flo. Made that decision purely because I love the products to bits and since I already am in it, might as well share the good stuff to other people and in the process make some “feel good” money. So since the day I joined, I constantly came up with new sales idea every day and somehow it still lacked something.. Each time I had a new idea I will ask ee fann for feedbacks and it’s always very encouraging. This constant flow of ideas brought me back to my selling days. The excitement, the never say die attitude, the enthusiasm, the positive emotions, the dreams and goals that I pictured in my mind.. The feeling is very overwhelming.

So this morning’s conversation went:
Me: ya know if I’m xxx I will join Mary Kay and sell my workshops since I already am an image consultant. Selling skincare products will be a by product process. This is how i eill go about the business. Target market will be ….. Strategy …. But too bad she ..

Ee fann: yeah… You really have soooo many ideas all the time but if you don’t use them….

Me: wait. Ok I will do it.

Ee fann: do what?

Me: that’s it!!! This is what it lacked!! It’s perfect!!

Ee fann: ??? (pause) oh?! Ok! I help u google it later.

So after some research, I spoke to the owner on the phone for almost an hour, the vibes are right and made an appointment this week to meet up with her to further access suitability. Yeah… She said they are selective. Hahaha i think we both are so it’s good to find the right match.

It’s really great to have ee fann being so supportive in everything that I undertakes. And he is just as excited about my coming course. I am half suspecting he is more excited than me!

Then came the topic of letting go. I admit that I am a control freak. But I’m surprised when I saw myself looking through all the childcare centres and noting down the numbers and all… I communicated my thoughts about sending her for half a day childcare and he said I call the shots and am behind my every decision. So sweet right? ; ) half a day mainly because I still want to see and be with her! Hahaha (still a control freak)

It should start at 7am till 1pm which is perfect coz ern wakes up at 7am, once she is there I can do my work… Or otherwise get lunch ready etc… By 1pm I will be all fresh and happy to fetch her home after a fulfilling half day at work. Sounds like a fantastic plan! I guess some people will disagree with sending their kids to childcare and rather care for them themselves. Not trying to put up a defense here, I guess I just have to admit there are certain things that I can’t teach and the childcare centre should be able to do so. Some examples will be social skills and independence. (I believe there are more)

But for now I need to visit the short listed ones and build up her immune system. I do expect her to fall sick very oftetn for at least the first quarter but things should only get better. As for when to send lil ern… Anytime after she turns 2.


2 thoughts on “Its time.

  1. U r so excited till I have absolutly bo idea what u just wrote!! Esp the conversation part.. Although I know wat u up to but I doubt anyone understood lol!!!

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