Wait listed

What’s new ya? It’s always a case of waiting and waiting but ern isn’t very long on their list so I guess we still stand a good chance!

We made trips to several nearby centres and made our decision on Carpe Diem. It’s a bilingual environment, which is absolutely fantastic, non aircon but feels damn cool nonetheless and there won’t be much germs circulating in the air, their meals looked yummy! Lunch today was macoroni soup, children there were friendly, ern was walking around everywhere checking out what the big sisters and brothers were doing and they gave ern hugs and all… So sweet right? All the children were sitted on a round table eating together… Most of them self feeds (ern will love to do that) and for those who can’t, the teachers were there to assist them.(assist but not to spoon feed) ratios of students to teachers are reasonably acceptable, place looks clean, I asked about the cases of HFMD and they were honest about it and said there has been but not this year and went on to brief me on the precautions they take etc… The children definitely look happy there(a very important factor to me) teachers are pretty patient and the whole place including the kitchen looks clean.

I guess when I choose a school the general vibes are the deciding factor. So ee fann and I felt that it’s good so we had her wait listed immediately.

She will be with the younger kids when she starts school till she turns 3 and will then move on to N1.

The fees for full day and half a day is only a few dollars difference so I decided to take full day with the understanding that I’m picking her up at 1pm everyday except Thursdays ( she isn’t attending school on all Thursdays as she has shichida). At least I have the option of letting her take her nap there if I can’t make it in time to pick her up, she will then nap from 1 to 3pm. All I need to do is just call the school ; ) and oh… If suddenly something crops up on Saturday we have the option to put her there as well.

Her breakfast starts from 8.30am to 9am. But I told ee fann that I prefer to have breakfast with her before sending her to school and the school is cool with it. I don’t need to call for that matter. So technically, her school time will be from 9am till 1pm – 4hours. And oh she will take her shower there too after lunch. Hahaha… So the precise curriculum hours should be 9 to 12 noon.

After we are done “shopping” ern slept almost immediately once the engine starts. I told ee fann the arrangement for ern to meet the grands and how I prefer to let her go childcare rather than “rotting” away at home with the grands watching TV and he agrees too. So once she goes to childcare, it is time for me to be useful again. Work life harmony – who says it’s impossible?; )

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