New chapters of our lives

Whenever I see ” ….. Of our lives” makes one feels that it’s gotta be something of utmost importance if not serious doesn’t it? And this “new chapter” is all about anticipation, excitement and hopefulness.

In less than a month’s time we will be moving into our rented apartment in Bukit Panjang – the place where horrifying gangster bloodshed happened. Hahaha so much for the “excitement”. But nonetheless I am looking forward to it for the longest time and it’s finally taking place. It’s really happening. Our rented place will be our temporary solution to my space deprived frustration that has been eating me every single day. In the mean time we will continue our search for the perfect place.

Ern will be attending half day childcare like I’ve mentioned in my previous post. I do have an encouraging news to add on to it – brought to me by my mum. Mum told me that whenever I drop her off, she no longer asks for milk before her naptime (I’m still breastfeeding and ern Hates the bottle) so that means I will be able to leave her at childcare full day on days that I won’t be able to pick her up on time. ; )

By the end of the year I would have completed my style coach course and will embark on my new career as a – style coach of course! Maybe I shouldn’t call it a career as it’s part time basis?? But I’m so sure that that is what I really truely want to do, for fun (hey you really ought to seek out the fun in what you do ya know), and most importantly for that self worth and satisfaction that has been lacking. Having ern does gives me tremendous satisfaction of a different kind, what I want to achieve next is self worth of a different level. So if I combine all these “potent formulaes” together it should make me an almighty mummy shann! Hee hee!!

Cheers to a fantabulistic 2011!!!!!!

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