Super busy month

My course has kinda “ended” and now I am busy preparing my exams! Will be meeting my model next Monday and will work on her for a couple of days to prepare her for the eventual “after” make over shot.

First session with her would be to do analysis with her and to set mini goals for the “problems” that she isn’t happy with which should take around 4 hours.

Second session to declutter her wardrobe and make plans and budget for shopping trip.

Third session is to shop for her new wardrobe. Purpose of it is really to teach her how to select clothes that fit and flatter her own unique body shape so that in future she will be able to walk into any shop with ease to choose and also the confidence to wear the colours that suits her best. And these includes shoes, acessories, belts etc…

Last session is to give her a total exterior makeover with makeup and hairdo. And of course to change into her new outfit for a “after” makeover shot. ; )

Once all these are done I will then proceed with my written exam. Deadline first week of Jan. Should be okay… I should settle in our new place by 21st. (moving on the 20th)

As for the little princess she is doing fine… Her terrible twos stage seems to have mellowed alot (or even gone) or maybe because i know how to prevent them? Hmmm… Better keep my fingers crossed.

She has been self feeding for quite some time now and I must say that I’m super happy for that. We can now eat in peace while she feeds herself happily. Her favourite is still soup. And I’m so making soup for her everyday once we settles in.

She isn’t exactly stringing words yet but building her vocabulary both in English and mandarin. It’s very obvious that she is obsessed with alphabets and han yu ping Ying. She recognizes all 26 alphabets and loves to pronounce them together with the corresponding words like B… B.. B… Bear, baby, bee, belly, big etc…

All babies are keen learners and One of the many mums who enjoys watching them “displaying” their intelligence right before your eyes. ; )


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