Year 2011

The countdown is over and CNY is fast approaching too! And not forgetting that lil ern is approaching 2 years too.. Totally can’t believe that she is going to be 2. It felt like it has only been a year since her birth. It’s just too fast. Wish we can slow down a little… Don’t really want my baby to grow up this quick..

And so we finally got our very first real Christmas tree set up at our new place. We threw it away this morning and ern said “bye bye shu (4)” it’s really cute when she said that. Guess next up will be some traditional CNY decorations? Scrolls… Lanterns… ?? Hmmm…

Oh we stayed at home for the countdown as we were both sick but we did sneak out to join ee fann at mandarin oriental hotel for a bit for high tea. I just couldn’t resist not taking a look at the hotel suite he booked for the countdown party which was priced at a whopping $1200. But the bill came up to $1400.. I think thanks to some idiots who ate the minibar’s chocolates.

Ern is still not well… Coughing non stop. And it’s disturbing her otherwise peaceful sleep. Just the otherday I took her to the doctor’s and she did something really funny. Did Mention she totally loves alphabets? Both upper and lower case. So she saw this auntie wearing pants that has words at her buttocks and ern went to her butt and started pointing and reading out all the alphabets. It was hilarious I tell u… All the rest were impressed and I was so proud. Hahaha and she continued not only pronouncing the alphabets but pronounced them with it’s phonetics as well as what it stands for. Yup she can do this from A to Z. My efforts. Hahaha!!!

She is proficient at colours too. Thank goodness! We had initially thought that she is colour blind coz all the colours are “purple” to her! But now she diffetentiates with ease red, pink, orange, yellow, black, blue, purple, green.

No problem with simple shapes and now moving on to counting. I seriously don’t remember knowing these much at her age. But she wants to learn leh.. I’m not complaining : ) mummy is so proud of you lil ern and always will be. Muackz to the many more wonderful years to come!!


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