She is starting school in a few days time

Am looking forward and am a little unsure.. Unsure if this is the best option for all of us. I sure hope she will be like me when I first entered school. No fuss. Nothing. But I’m sure going to miss having her by myside all the time however on the otherhand I will get more things done now that I have more time.

I have to admit that this decision definitely didn’t come easy. Having been working really hard for so many years before ern came into my life, I am prepared to take time off from work and take care of her. I do enjoy it really. (minus the housework part.) whenever there is time I busied myself with making as much home practice materials as possible and that came with tremendous sense of satisfaction when ern learns through my way of teaching her. Nothing can beat that.

But somehow things just happened. I found something that I thought I can be passionate about and so decided to take up the course and learn more about it. (am taking more courses at a more advanced level next month) after completing the course I decided that this is what I really can and want to do. It’s not easy to find another career that I am so happy with.
Did some thinking. Lots thinking and finally decided to embark on this new business. It’s an opportunity and I just have to grab it! I do hope that in the end I will be able to juggle very well between work and family. (mainly ern ern)
The plan is to have breakfast with ern before I send her off to school and to pick her up as and when I’m free. I still hope to spend half a day everyday with her. Maybe some people may think that I’m still not willing to “let go”… That may be true but I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Have recently had a rude shock with people who suddenly judged me. It’s shocking and at the same time disappointing. Hence I stopped updating my blog for a while to take a breather. But I kinda felt much better after coming to a decision that opinions are dirt cheap. If your opinions are not needed I will not think twice about thrashing them in the “recycle bin”. As long as I know what I’m doing is right; support from loved ones are there, all else really doesn’t matter. ; )


3 thoughts on “She is starting school in a few days time

  1. hello, just stay relaxed and continue to blog leh. At least you will know there is one supportive reader out there. haha…

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