Tomorrow is the big day!

Just done packing her school bag and realised the Disney princess bag that nai Nai got for her is a tad too small but I was pleasantly surprised that the bag came with a matching poncho! It has always been one if the things I kept reminding myself to get for her.

So many things to pack for a full day in school (though she is only attending half a day… We thought it might be a good idea to bring all) there is towel, blanket, extra sets of clothes, water bottle, comb, slippers, diapers, plastic bags for soiled clothes… And “milk bottle and milk powder” – we still hasn’t given up hope on her bottle!

I’m 70% excited and 30% tentative. breakfast should be at macdonalds tomorrow before we send her to school. Ee fann wants to attend her first day of school too. : ) by the fourth day we will have to officially drop her off. Stay tuned for updates!!

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