Day one in school

Ee fann took the day off and off we went to school! Arrived a little late and the teachers quickly gave a warm welcome to little ern and she joined in their activities immediately. There were singing, lots of singing and dancing. Although ern doesn’t know the physical actions for the songs, she just followed as best as she can. We sat a distance away from her, observing in admiration : )

Story time were fantastic, both in English and mandarin. She is the youngest there and we suppose that the youngest one usually gets the most attention?

So as you can see from the pictures, she always has a teacher near her ; ) perhaps it might also be due to the fact that she’s new? You can also easily guess from the pictures that we do our best not to let her “spot” us not being close by her side – by sitting far away and out of her sight. However, after 2 hours or so she cried for my attention but it soon went away during her outdoor visit to the playground. We didn’t know what she did at the playground but according to her they played bubbles. (still her all time favourite)

But atlas it didn’t last long… After her lunch she saw ee fann peeping and she cried all the way till she is done with her shower. I could hear her cries so clearly from outside. Surprisingly I didn’t felt the kind of intense heartache as I had imagined! Mummy has done pretty well! Tomorrow I will either drop her off or sneak out when she isn’t noticing. Stay tuned!


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