Day two

I think I made a mistake by walking away quietly without telling her that I will be back for her. So she cried a lot and crashed at home for 3 solid hours of nap! I decided to let her sleep in and skipped her bibinogs in the afternoon.

With all the drama she had in class this morning, I thought the answer would be negative when I asked if she liked school but she said “yes, like school”. I am still in disbelief till now. I guess she likes the activities there but just couldn’t accept my absence – yet.

Tomorrow which is a Thursday she has shichida and won’t be attending school and I am supposed to drop her off the next time.. I’m hoping for lesser drama. (possible? Hmmm….) I forgot to add that she has a good appetite in school despite all the crying. According to the teacher, she had 2 bowls of porridge for lunch today. She has never had 2 bowls of porridge when she’s with me! Too hungry from all the crying? Very likely…

Everything is taking place very nicely. I just received a note from my mentor to discuss possible ways to engage my services. Which means I will be one of her trainers in future. (very likely on a part time basis) Can’t describe how excited I felt when I got the news!

Let’s hope that ern will settle in soon so that I can work in peace. I still want to spend as much time with her as possible.

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