Day three in school

Dropped her off in school, after giving her my most reassuring words that I will be back for her. She still cried very badly as I was leaving. I can hear her so loud and clear from outside. I do feel the ache of course but I just told myself that I just have to trust the teachers. And off I went to see my mentor.

She gave me the big picture and I could hardly breathe as I sat there listening to her plans for me. (still in disbelieve till now) in the end she asked if I needed to go back and think about it and I told her i will be the biggest fool to give this opportunity a miss and so it was an agreement on the spot. The actual contractual agreement will follow.

I do feel really blessed to be hand picked amongst so many others. In her guidance I will be trained to take over some of her style coach course. And on top of that she will integrate me to help her with WSQ projects and when I’m very confident and independent, to fly overseas (hong kong and Korea) for speaking engagements. I will also be trained very indepth about skincare etc… But I do understand that I really have loads to brush up on … Fabrics, cuts etc…. By her choosing me, it also meant that she has to work 10 times harder too. She does have other options – 2 more other choices (she told me honestly) that she can engage them and roll them out almost immediately but I’m her first choice. She told me her reasons for her choice and left me thinking all my efforts are worth it.

After the discussion, the school called and reassured me that ern cried for 15mins after I left and didn’t cry anymore and that they were having outdoor activities.

When I arrived at her centre, I saw her happily watching TV. Teacher told me that she asked for jelly before she finished her food. Apparently they have jelly as desert every Friday : )

Tomorrow will be a visit to the zoo.


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