Reached the zoo at 8.45am. We had our breakfast before setting off she was
So thrilled to go to the zoo and kept saying “go zoo! See animals.” she said this line on a repeat mode. Hahaha

When we reached the carpark, we were greeted by 3 peahens and ern knew that she is in for a rolling good time.

She demanded to see so many animals. Lions, tigers, elephants, leopards, monkeys etc… What was interesting was at each station she will call out the name of the animal and followed by the alphabet like “wow! Big elephant. *points to the smaller one* and say ern ern elephant. *points to the obviously bigger one* and says mummy elephant. And followed by “E. Letter E”. Good job ern!!

As always, all trips to the zoo ends with the kidzworld. Followed by more animal visits. She slept almost immediately at the exit whilst we were applying the zoo’s member. So here we are; finally a friend of the zoo!


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