Day four in school

When the car turned into the carpark of her school she said “no. Don’t want. No school.”

Cried bitterly when teacher took her away from my arms. I ached but tried not to show it. Gave her a peck on her lips, waved goodbye and told her “mummy will come and bring you home later” and left.

So today is day four. Teacher told me that they were surprised at how fast she is adapting today especially today being a Monday – long weekend with us and usually most children will have Monday blues. But she cried for only 5 minutes and not anymore. (on day three she cried 15 minutes) So the crying part is getting shorter and less dramatic. Hopefully this is a reliable pattern!

In actual fact I was hesitating if I should send her to school today as she was having a bit of sniffles. Struggled for the decision and decided to still send her as I do not wish to break the “momentum” if you understand what I mean. “And afterall it’s only a few hours” I consoled myself. So turns out i didn’t regret my decision. Of course if she is really sick I would have decided otherwise.

So way to go ern!! Mummy and pa pa loves you soooooo very much!


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