Day five in school

After she puts on her uniform she started saying “no don’t want teacher”. Repeated that line every one minute all the way till we reached school. Her “No’s” got a little intensified within the school vicinity – the carpark area. Dropped her off and my usual goodbye ritual and off I went to far east plaza to get my dresses altered.

After lunch there’s still some time and I went shopping in far east plaza. Initially I thought it would be quite awkward to be there as that place isn’t quite “suited” for my age group and I was in fact pretty skeptical of finding anything I like. But I was totally wrong. Saw a few shops selling really chic and classic styles. (no joke. The cuts look really classy and expensive) Bought them on the spot (hmmm… Not cheap either. A top $55 and skirt $110) and was so thrilled! I didn’t have time to visit 1 or 2 more shops which I would love to take a look at so I will definitely be back!

I was supposed to pick her up at 12.30pm but only managed to reach at almost 1pm. I saw the lights were out, all the children were lying on their stretcher styled bed and teachers were patting them to sleep. And my princess?? Walking ard the classroom, climbing in and out of her bed as if testing her new funny looking bed. The moment she saw me she turned around, waved and said “bye bye teacher!” I asked if she wants to sleep in class, she climbed back to her bed and lied down for a second and said “no! Go down.” so off we went back home.

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