Kept her at home the whole of yesterday as she wasn’t well. Though not totally recovered she attended shichida this morning. And she was up super early – 5.30am! So I thought I’m gonna be in for trouble handling a sleepy child in class but I was totally wrong. She was very participative in class shouting out the answers instantly when questions were asked. I am impressed by not just the speed and accuracy but by her enthsiasm too. (high on medication maybe?)

I thought she wouldn’t be able to stay awake till lunch time but I was wring yet again. As with all Thursdays we will meet ee fann for lunch after shichida and this time we checked out “handburger” raffles city B1.

Kid’s meal are a sure winner and adults meal didn’t fare badly either although theushroom soup didn’t quite meet my standard but that’s just a minor point. Check out the pictures!

It came with the creamy cup cake too!

Other random shots:

We were out the whole day so when she woke up from her nap she asked for cookie.


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