First official consent form

I’m still so excited about her trip organised by her school! I’m sure she will enjoy the trip.

Yes she will be going without mummy! Have checked with her school, there will be 2 teachers in a school bus and she will be in the same bus together with N1 students. Bus will set off at 9.15am sharp but I gotta drop her off real early – 8.15am as I gotta go for my training … So she will be in school full day whenever I go for training : ) I’m sure she will be fine.

Oh yes a little update on her at school -teachers told me that she is more settled in school now; lesser crying. Though she will still cry at times during those in between activity period but it’s a really short while. So this morning just before teacher carried her away I told her “mummy is going to buy purple jelly for you okay?” she replied “okay!!” but still cry a little. ; )

Pss: it’s purple theme this week! I created this purple thingy so Monday was yam ice cream, Tuesday was purple bubble tea drink, today will be purple jelly, tmr will be purple balloon ; )


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