Progress part 2

I did tonnes of work today from 9.30 am till 2.30pm. Felt so great!
When it was about time, I went to return and borrow more books grom the library before picking her up at 3.30pm. She was having bread for snacks when I reached her school.

The moment she saw me she didn’t cry like she used to. Instead, she said “mummy!! (points to her food) bread”.

After she finished her bread she asked for another one from the teacher.

All her teachers came and told me that I should be so proud of her.
“she did not cry at all”
“she slept without her pacifier”
“she could sleep without milk”
“she slept in 10mins”
“she could recognize and name countless animals. At her age, we are very impressed”
“she held hands with her friend and they danced together”

I think I nearly turned into a peacock there and then.

Dearest ern, mummy is so proud of you!

Got her an ice cream!
(the teacher tied her hair for her. So cute!)


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