Today is the day she has moved on. Today is also the day I left her without feeling the aches. And today is also the day she will sleep in school. (just for today anyway)

The moment she did not cry when we reached school I thought that it’s a good start. When I took off her shoes and socks still no sound at all. Sat her down for her health check, I crossed my fingers. Still not the slightest whine. I held my breath. She voluntarily opened her mouth for teacher to examine her mouth, my heart skipped a beat. After the merticulous health check, I pushed my luck a little and put her on the floor (I usually have to carry her to classroom)….. I stood behind her and smiled as she turned to look at me. After a few seconds of silent interaction (I was looking at her and in my heart telling her “go on baby, mummy loves you) she turned and walked to her class. I helped her to close the door behind her and saw her sitting down and playing toys with her friends.

I’m so proud of her!


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