Zoo.. Zoo.. Zoo

She slept till 8am this morning!! She has never been up this late before.. She must have had too much fun having picnic with her friends at marina barrage the night before. Mummy had loads of fun too! Though my attempt to get the kites up (joint effort with Kenny and ee fann) failed it really wasn’t our fault… There wasn’t a single kite up in the air. The problem was the wind. Though kite failed, we had bubbles! Great minds think alike really – all of us brought bubble “machines” hahaha and the kids were happy. But just when we thought we have to pack our kites … We saw kites up in the air and that got us excited! All of our kites were up in the air effortlessly and one would have thought any form of plastic bag would have worked too.
Ern was real excited to see so many kites up in the air and many of them with lights attached to it. I layed ern down on the mat to admire the view. It was so serence and peaceful … But it didn’t last long… The wind brought along the rain!! Hahaha so it was a case of mission – “abandon picnic”! It was done very quickly with great teamwork. (as always)

So this morning after we woke up, we did the usual morning ritual and went to school. Ern was great! I had to see for myself what the teachers meant by “she loves music and movement”. So I stayed for abit and peeped. And yup, they were right. She was doing all the actions, clapping, and most importantly – smiling. So I left to run my errands in town.

Dropped by sephora at ion to get my cosmetic needs from urban decay, makeup forever and smashbox. Great stuff! Wanted to get more… But I thought I had better do it slowly.. Bought another pair of shoes from Aldo! Ok nobody told me that my new career had so many hidden costs?! But since I’m at it… There’s no turning back! Hiak! Hiak! Hiak!

When I picked her up at 3.30pm (she slept in school) I saw her in an unusually oversized shorts to which the teachers explained that during their tea break, they had barley (ern’s favourite) and whilst they were having it, ern were so excited that she told ALL her classmates that were seated around her that it was “barley”!! “barley”!! “barley”!! She got too excited about it that she spilled it all over her shorts! Hahaha!! I had a good laugh. When ern saw me, she jumped in excitement and said to her teachers “mummy come!! Give me bottle- tle (water bottle) and give me bag!!” Ok I think in her excitement she forgot her “please and thank you”.

Went home, changed her took all the neccessary stuff and off we went to the zoo! She was trying to sing the zoo song in the car. Though it wasn’t very clear, but to me; it was heavenly music to my ears.


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