It’s about her excursion tomorrow ; ) I’m
Damn excited about it that I kept telling ern about it. She knows what’s going to happen tomorrow but she doesn’t seem that excited… I think I must have killed her excitement by repeating too many times. Hahaha but really can’t help it as I’m REALLY happy about what’s happening tomorrow! It might also be due to the fact that tomorrow marks again yet another 2 weeks of super pack schedule. Am welcoming it with open arms.

Teachers told me that there will be photos taken and we can choose the pictures that we want thereafter.

Will there be parents snooping around during the excursion? Hahaha… I might be one of them if I’m not busy tomorrow. Not to check on her and protect her on the sly but to admire her from afar. But too bad I’m not available so pictures will surfice!

Will update soon!


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