St james v.s Adelfibel

I finally had time to rest for the weekend before starting another super packed week. No joke, literally no time to chill and relax before dozing off to sleep. I don’t even know that I’m asleep. That’s how packed my days has been and so I really welcome a break and relax now.

Ok before I talk about the subject matter, I just want to give some updates about her recent school excursion. I was told that she enjoyed
The trip very much and she posed to take lots of pictures. The next day when ern saw her teachers, the first thing she said to them wasn’t “good morning teacher” but “teacher! See fish!” so yup, I really think she had a rolling good time at the farm feeding the fishes. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

I received an email from st James to confirm her seat for her N1 morning class in leedon drive…. St James is known for their super long waiting list. (in fact that’s all I know about st James) and Afelfibel is a neighbourhood void deck kind of preschool. It wasn’t difficult to make my decision really.

We chose to stay with afelfibel and forfeit the deposit with st James. Right from the start I do not believe that any school can teach ern better than I can. And the only reason why ern is going preschool is to socialize and learn other skills and that’s it. Since her current school is pretty decent in terms of hygiene etc… MOST IMPORTANTLY she has settled in nicely; we really don’t wish to change anything. Leedon drive ain’t that near anymore and hence she is staying put at Adelfibel! Yeah!!!!

Last Friday, I got a shock. She was told to go home as she failed the routine check. An ulcer was spotted in her mouth. I took her to the doctor immediately and was told that it doesn’t seem like a case of HFMD. But still I monitored her (bought a torch light for that) and it was gone the following day. I’m really glad that the teachers are very merticulous with their checks! Well done!! So yup, we are staying put. Hahaha!!!


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