A timely break

I have a gem in my house and it’s my helper. I could have managed all by myself but having her around making sure dinner is served the moment I reach home and all the housework and ironing done really alleviated most of stress!

For the last 2 weeks has been really crazy. Wake up at 7am, prepare myself and prepare ern for school, send her to school before reaching office at 9.30am. Rushed back to pick her up from school and dinner together at home, get ourselves ready for bedtime, some alone time with her. (I think many of you will know that she sleeps by 8am) so you can imagine the things i have to do the moment I reach home at 6.45pm.

So I probably would have gone bonkers without my helper! She is like a cup of iced cold water when you are dead thirsty! Am still counting my blessings ; )

Work has been really fun, entertaining and satisfying. Been conducting classes and all. Love every second of what I’m doing. But I still do appreciate a holiday! And it’s Friday morning! Yeah! And we haven’t pack! Yeah! Hahaha… I’m pretty good at packing so will leave that till tomorrow..

Things in school for ern seems to be coming along pretty well too. Just this evening ern told me she saw hamster in school. “one white hamster!” she was so excited about it. Hahaha tomorrow they will be playing with water! Trust me, knowing that there are activities that she loves lined up does lift away some of the guilt factor ; )

Have a smacking good time in school my little darling!


One thought on “A timely break

  1. I will cook for you guys when you are back. Won’t be your coffee shop standard but should be acceptable to Ernern. keke…

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