Our china trip

Before I delay any longer and decides to skip it altogether I had better write a short post on it.

It was meant to be a Japan trip but we cancelled and changed to China for obvious reasons… but we absolutely enjoyed it. especially Ern!

We went to Hangzhou to look up my brother in law who is currently working there and at the same time met up with our long distanced relatives there. So we visited all the non touristy places and it was totally fruitful. (Except that didnt didnt manage to see her pandas that was promised.)

All was superb and wonderful for me EXCEPT on day 2 on….. my face suddenly became SUPER bloated. Not kidding it was like super enlarged to the extent that I could hardly open my eyes. When I touched my face it was so uncomfortable. It felt like a balloon filled with water to the maximum and bursting anytime soon! Ee fann’s cousin took me to the hospital while ern stayed behind to play with the children (her cousins). Had to get my urine and blood sample tested and a jab on my buttocks! talking about memories! Some of you will know that I am terrified of needles … and luckily the blood sampling was fast and rather “pain-free” BUT the jab in the buttocks felt like the doctor throwing a dart really hard at “the board” so that was rather unforgettable. I remembered limping out of the doctor’s office.. The doctor said that it was an allergy to something but further tests had to be done to determine the cause. I didnt want to wait and I left China with the mystery unsolved.

So here are some of the pictures I took. (and No, I did not take any pictures of my super enlarged face!)

She knew her holiday starts NOW!

Super excited!

Looking for food in Shanghai

Entertaining herself in the train (on our way to Hangzhou)

Cherry Blossom just outside ee fann cousin's house.

Her cousins. Ern is unhappy that her cousin (the younger one) refused to share her little terrapin with her.

Way too kewl! a drive through zoo. we prepared bags of vegetables to feed the animals!

Mr camel

They have a circus in the zoo.. but I didnt quite enjoyed it as I kept pondering abiout their cruel training behind all these. Didnt take many pictures as such.

funfair in the zoo and ern had a go at it!

her prize; my pride : )

BBQ lunch

her simple pleasures

in the arms of mother nature

picking strawberries. We really had a blast there!

pluck, eat, throw. Cant remember how many she had. they were really really really sweet!

washing hands the traditional way. water isnt suitable for drinking.

along the way as we walked, we spotted a goat and her kid.

and eventhough I had a super unsightly face it didnt bother me at all. Ern still recognizes me and thats good enough. We still had a superb trip! Will be back for more. We love China : )


3 thoughts on “Our china trip

  1. china pics looks really nice and im sure i will be planning a trip soon too… hv bn wanting to visit shanghai for the longest time but it doesnt worked out alwys 😛

    oohh.. im so loving the plucking of strawberries, make me think back of our korea trip but the plucking wasnt that fantastic like yours!!! u guys like can go on and on for the plucking ya. 🙂

    gosh, “ballooned” face! gosh i can imagined how uncomfy u felt! luckily its cold weather and guessed it help loads! me too gets allergy so very often due to medication etc… my eyes puffed up liked a “GOLDFISH”! very not me… hehe… hope u r all well now… go get a checkup if needed ya… 🙂

    ern has grown but still she’s still like a baby! miss her loads! catch up soon babe!

    • Kim, china is wonderful… Some people needs to go places like japan, Europe or states to “quality” their trip as a real holiday but to me China is just as good!

      Hey about the strawberries plucking part, we were plucking or rather ern was at it for almost an hour! It was really fun. Eating and throwing… But not so fun when ern brought back the china habit! (the throwing part)

      And the swollen FACE. Mine is face and yours is only EYES!! It was soooo uncomfortable!! And I think the weather helped just a little. Ern recognizes me helped ALOT. Hahaha.. That’s really what matters to me I guess. And of coz ee fann comforted me. Hahaha but I’m there for holiday so that ballooned face ain’t going to bog me down ; )

      How are you lately? Any craving for any special food yet? Boy or girl??

  2. agreed totally, as long as u enjoy ur trip with wonderful companies especially loved ones.. doesnt really mattter where, it can be batam, JB etc etc… it will still be nice! 🙂

    wakaka… throwing… hopefully not spitting le! 😛
    and also peeing everywhere… talking abt it peeing, we went japan last mth and this PRC allows her child to pee at the custom – dustbin! my goodness… and after that she just walked off! how could this happened! i nearly faint in front of them la.

    Oooo.. im feeling much beta, 1st trimester was a little bad, cos i do not hv much appetite compared to cleo!… but now i can eat! 😛 no cravings la… i can do with any food… 🙂 easy… and oh yesh! its a “didi'”…. 🙂

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