Her second excursion

I think it’s probably due to the fact that the premise is rather small (no farm animals nor internal playground area) that the school arranges many excursion trips. It’s her second since 1st march. And this time will be to the bird park! We have taken ern there once and wasn’t impressed by it… But Im very sure her experience with her teachers and classmates will be refreshing for her. Taking the bus, lunch at the bird park, monarail and adding a couple more species of birds to her dictionary.. Sounds wonderful to me. I just wished that I can turn into a little fly or something and hide in her pockets as I admire her in silence.

Have told her about the trip and she is all ready for it! It’s next Monday. An inexpensive trip to make her happy – $22 includes all that’s mentioned. Ee fann were so happy to sign on her consent form. His very first signature on it. I signed on the first one.

Actually I didn’t expect much from her school at all but they took me by surprise. I guess once my expectations are lowered, I’m just all too easy to please ; ) I wonder when’s her next trip : ) opps!! Hahaha…


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