Life is getting a little more complicated

Since the start of my style coach course and now taking an even more advanced level, I can’t help sizing people I see on the street and it can be a little crazy at times. I will try to guess the person’s season first (draping will be needed to get 100% accuracy), look at their dressing and conclude their personality style types, body shapes and what’s good and what to improve on their current dressing, face shape, think of suitable hairstyles, scrutinise their makeup (I know I really shouldn’t be doing this) look at their eyes, (droopy, round etc…) how I will apply the eyelid stickers etc… Back to face shape again and note the areas to contour, glance at the person from head to toe again (if he or she hasn’t noticed me “stalking”) to determine best feature … Suitable accessories to accentuate or to redirect attention… I can go on and on…

I’m currently learning bridal makeup, hair styling, studio makeup, creative / fashion makeup, model makeup and I’m getting so addicted to it. I simply love love love it so much! Keep thinking about ideas of combining what I’ve learnt to do my business and the sales idea just keep popping up. I say it’s really wonderful! But hmmm… I think it’s time to also set some time aside for ern’s home practice materials!!! Shall get down to it tomorrow.

Ee fann’s turning 32 tmr! We plan to have high tea with my inlaws at Conrad . Nothing fanciful just something light and casual – the way we like it.

This year feels very special to me. It really does. I hope year 2011 has been great for you thus far too.


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